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[request] After School - Ah (Inkigayo) 08.03.2009 + News about Ga Hee

Ga Hee was not really fine during this live, her friend Jang Ja Yeon, who played Sunny in the drama Boys Over Flower, commits suicide. Just watch her eyes =( Here is a article from from
""Peacefully close your eyes. Sorry.. I'm sorry...."
Female group After School’s Park Gahee is mourning over the death of Jang Ja Yeon.
On the 8th, Park Gahee wrote on her minihompy "Jang Ja (Yeon)... Now... are you happy? Peacefully close your eyes now... Many people are crying tears for you... Sorry.. I'm sorry.... I'll pray.. always... for you..", expressing her sadness.
It is known that Park Gahee and the deceased were good friends. Park Gahee was seen at the mortuary of the deceased spilling her tears.
A staff from After School’s management agency said, “Park Gahee and the deceased were very close. They used to keep in touch and recently after hearing the news of the sudden suicide, it has been very hard for Park Gahee.

(Translated by
Hope She will be akay ! Ga Hee Fighting !!

Oh and read this !!:
"“After School” Park Gahee Announces Solo Activity
Sexy female group After School’s great body member Park Gahee (29) announced solo activity.
A staff from Pledis Entertainment recently said “we are planning to transform Park Gahee into a solo singer and perform apart from the group.” Since 2000, Park Gahee performed with Boa as the main dancer and received praise from the netizens for her looks and dancing skills. This was thus the deciding factor that she was good enough to be solo singer.
She showed her possibility as a solo, especially through solo performances and “featurings” on different songs.
Park Gahee performed, on KBS ‘Music Bank” last month, Park Ji Yoon’s “Sung In Shik” and caught the attention of many fans. On the stage, she showed incredible vocal skills and powerful dancing skills. She showed off her nice body trained through exercise. After the broadcast, she was one of the most searched names on search engines. After seeing Park Gahee’s solo performance the netizens said that she has the skills adequate to be a solo singer.
(source: afterschoolcraze, credit: Sports Seoul, translated by: Miners@SSF)

She can do it =D I will support her !

credit: azn_ange@nautiljon
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