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Deez - Envy Me (Mini-album)

Another brand new artist ! But I really love this one ! He composed "Only You " and You" from the album "Rainism" Of Rain !! Both are the best tracks of "Rainism" for me. He did a really goood job =D  And now he's starting singer career . "Envy me" is a (soft) RNB CD, and it's really good, I love all the tracks. And he have a beautiful voice ! I totally love him ! ENJOY !

Artist: Deez
Title: Envy me
Type: Mini-Album
Release Date:
Genre: rnb / soul
Language: Korean
Rating: 9/10

01 - Introduction - Envy Me
02 - 나의 빛 / Nayeh bit
03 - Devil's Candy
04 - Go (feat. Verbal Jint)
05 - 아니 / Ahnee
06 - 너 하나면 돼 / Nuh hanamyeon dwae
07 - One, Two, Three (Feat. Choice37)

Tags: !k-rnb, .artist: deez
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