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Aj - 2009 (feat Hyun Ah) (song)

AJ is a brand new artist from Cube Entertainment (subsidary of JYP Entertainment). He released a few days ago a teaser of "Dancing Shoes", his upcoming mv from his debut single "The First Episode of New Hero" who will be released the 02/04. Kim Hyun Ah, the ex-member of the Wonder Girls appeared in the teaser. Today, "2009", a song from his debut single, was released on the net, and it's a featuring with Hyun Ah =) I don't know if it's the full version of the song, but I already like it =D Hyun Ah's rap is really stylish, I like her =D And for Aj, i'm waiting for "Dancing Shoes" =D ENJOY

Aj - 2009 (feat Hyun Ah)


Dancing Shoes Teaser:

credit: Kimchi Style
youtube: mafufidvlu
Tags: -k-singles, .artist: hyun ah (of 4minute), .artist: ki kwang (of beast)
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