November 17th, 2008


News: G-Dragon Solo album

Voici la news qui me comble de bonheur !! G-Dragon va sortir un album solo l'année prochaine ♥

Big Bang leader GDragon will be having his solo debut soon.

It is planned that GDragon go over to American the beginning of next year to finish his composing work and will return with a solo album.

GDragon said in an interview recently, “The songs are already been set in place for making.”

It is planned that GDragon will go over to America after the promotional activities for their 2nd album ends. He said, “The people whom I want to work on my music with are all in America. I will be going over with the other Big Bang members.”

It is also said that the solo album will most probably be a minialbum. “There will be about 6-7 songs included. But nothing much is decided on the concept and style of the album”

Credit: K Bites

G-Dragon korean solo album made by american producers, hell yeah !