December 23rd, 2008


Info: Seung Ri & GD solo activities

"YG Entertainment fills us in with more information on Big Bang members GDragon and SeungRi’s solo activities for year 2009.

Big Bang’s company YG Entertainment announced on 23rd December, “Big Bang will be promoting for the song ‘Sunset Glow’ till the end of this year. And next year, SeungRi will be promoting ‘Strong Baby’ his solo song from Big Bang 2nd album. We will be seeing SeungRi not as a the youngest member of Big Bang but a more matured SeungRi himself.”

‘Strong Baby’ is SeungRi’s 2nd solo song after ‘Next Day’ as collected in Big Bang’s single released in 2006.

Other than SeungRi, GDragon will also be on his solo activities. The YG representative said, “We are also preparing for GDragon’s solo activities next spring.”

SeungRi’s solo song will follow GDragon’s producing, TaeYang’s solo album, DaeSung’s trot single, TOP and Gummy, Um Jung Hwa’s featuring.” Laying down all variety of unique solo activities of the Big Bang members.

SeungRi will have his first solo stage on 29th December on SBS Gayo Festival."

credit: K Bites

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