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19 January 2009 @ 02:37 pm
  • Yeh le clip est sortie. Bah sava il est bien =D A ma grande surprise qui je voie comme professeur: Marco ! Haha il ets trop mignon en prof coincé. J'aime ce groupe de plus en plus =). Je profite de la sortie du clip pour mettre leurs 1er live sur Inkigayo ;) ENJOY

credit: hottestafterschool.wordpress.com & http://ahbo.wordpress.com
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youtube: xCHELLy & AfterSchoolCraze
Mood: tiredtired
My Old baby Baek Kyoung, of 1TYM, make another remix ! This time, after "We Belong Together" and "DISCO", it's the Big bang's song "A Fool's Only Tears" =D Baek posts his remixes on his Cyworld ^^ With Baek, forget the sad rnb song =D haha I LOve this guy so much >.< I miss him.. and 1TYM T.T anyway.. ENJOY =D

credit: Fangirltainement & Baek's Cyworld
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Mood: okayokay