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2 New single de Aira Mitsuki ! Elle nous gâte =) J'attendais patiemment ce single, j'avais pas mal aimé le PV. Donc ouai concernant le CD j'aime "Sayonara TECHNOPILiS" et " COMSiC CHOPPER" =) . Et pour le 2em single, C'est un single a édition limité dispo uniquement sur HMV. "Valentine STEP' est sympa, j'aime bien =) Alors la piste 2 dure 21 minutes ! C'est un Mash-Up de 11 de ces chansons ! Et J'aime beaucoup "L0ne1yBoy L0ne1yGirl" ! ENJOY

Artist: Aira Mitsuki
Title:  Sayonara TECHOPOLiS
Release Date: 2009/01/21
Genre:  Electro / jpop / dance
Language: Japanese
Rating: 7/10

01 - Sayonara TECHONOPOLiS (PV)
02 - HiGH SD スニーカー
04 - Distant STARS
05 - Sayonara TECHNOPOLiS (Traks Boys rmx)
06 - HiGH SD スニーカー (BIG BEAT CRUSH rmx
07 - サヨナラ TECHNOPOLiS (digital mp-3 maste)
08 - HiGH SD スニーカー (digital mp-3 maste)
09 - 09 COSMiC CHOPPER (digital mp-3 maste)
10 distant STARS (digital mp-3 maste)

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Artist: Aira Mitsuki
Title:  Valentine STEP
Type: Single
Release Date: 2009/01/21
Genre:  Electro / jpop / dance 
Language: Japanese
Rating: 8/10

01 - Valentine STEP
02 - Tofubeats Mash UP includes 11 Air
03 - L0ne1yBoy L0ne1yGirl


credit: love2 Forum
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I want to promote her because, even if she said some really stupid things in the passed, she's a really good singer ! She have a really good voice, really! Jessica is talented, you can't denied that =) For those who think like me, you're right hehe, and for those who think she is a b*tch with no talent because she does those stupid things few years/months ago...You should stop thinking about this story ^^. And her song is really good (but the song remind me "Circus" of MC Mong). So people should stop to criticize her =D I love this song ! ENJOY !
*like always, sorry if my english is not perfect... i do my best ♥*





Credit:  shimbi
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youtube: Jaeurazn1live
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