May 19th, 2009


Nujabes & Jay-Z - Japanese Gangster (album)

Nujabes to the beat, Jay-Z for the rap. Interesting album =) I'm a fan of Nujabes since my Samurai Champloo period ^^ His productions are awesome. Its surely not an official album but I don't care, it sounds really nice to me ^^ ENJOY !

Artist: Nujabes & jay-Z
Title: Japanese Gangster
Type: Album
Release Date: 2009/05/17
Genre: Hip Hop / Jazz / Mash-Up
Language: ENGLISH
Bitrate: 192kbps
Rating: 8/10

01.Pray (Nujabes Imaginary Folklore)
02.American Dreamin' (With Rainy Eyes)
03.Hello Brooklyn (Nujabes Final View)
04.No Hook (Nujabes Voice Of Autunm)
05.Roc Boys (Nujabes Reflection Eternal)
06.Sweet (Nujabes Beyond)
07.I Know (Nujabes After Hanabi)
08.Party Life (Summer Gypsy)
09.Ignorant Sh*t (Nujabes Luv Sic Pt. 2)
10.Say Hello (Land On The Light)
11.Success (Nujabes Flowes)
12.Fallin' (Horizon)
13.Blue Magic (Sea Of Clouds)
14.American Gangster (Tsurugi No Mai)

credit: Nigihana

Lee Jung Hyun - Avaholic (mini-album) + Photoshoot

For celebrates her 10th career anniversary, the queen Lee Jung Hyun (AVA) is abck with a new mini-album ! "CRAZY" and "2night" are composed by E-Tribe and "You're Mine" by JO PD. It's a good cd =) For The upcoming mv of "CRAZY" she did auditions in the US to select dancers for filming the MV. The MV was directed by Tucker Barkley and the choreography by Brian Friedman ! Check the teaser here =D ENJOY !

Artist: Lee Jung Hyun
Title: Avaholic
Type: Mini-Album
Release Date: 2009/05/19
Genre: kpop / dance / rnb
Language: korean
Bitrate: 320kbps
Rating: 8.5/10

01 - Vogue Girl
02 - CRAZY
03 - You're Mine
04 - 2Night
05 - Miro I
06 - Miro II

Like it ? BUY it ! YESASIA

Click for the full size =)

credit: bestfiction
sharebee: shimbi
youtube: jaeuraznmv