June 11th, 2009


GIRL NEXT DOOR - Infinity (single)

Voila le single que j'attendais le plus =D Je vais enfin pouvoir écouter "Infinity" dans mon mp3 et danser comme une gogole :p ENJOY !

Title: Infinity
Type: Single
Release Date: 2009/06/10
Genre: Techno / jpop
Language: Japanese
Bitrate: 320kbps
Rating: 7/10

01 - Infinity (pv)
02 - If
03 - Jounetsu no Daishou (Diamond Mirror SCP vers)
04 - Seeds of dream (ice cream mix)
05 - Infinity (inst)

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credit: jbums + shimbi


Equal - My fair Lady (Feat May J.) + The Game + Dope Boy (3 PVs)

Le rappeur Equal viens de sortire 3 PV d'un seul coup, dont l'un en featuring avec May J. Les clips sont pas super, mais niveau son ca va... J'aime beaucoup "Dope Boy", même le clip est pas mal ^^ . Sinon apparament ils devrait sortir un mini-album ce moi-ci. ENJOY !

My Fair Lady (Feat May J.)


The Game

Dope Boy

credit: charisma2  + shimbi 

RIMI - Awesome Bitchhhh!!! (album)

Here is RIMI ! RIMI is a korean female rapper who's part of the project "Overclass". (Overclass is a Hip Hop project who reunit almost all korean best rapper like Vasco, Steady B, Verban Jint, Swings, Pento, San-E, Kjun.. and more). She start her solo career in 2008 and release a mixtape "Awesome Girl". "Awesome Bitchhhh!!!" is her second mixtap album. She didn't realise a "true" album for the moment but it seems that she's appreciate from the korean public. It's really hard to find a picture of RIMI. She probably don't like to show her =) And I think this gif prove it =D But that's okay RIMI, you don't need to show you, all I want is good sounds, and DAMN ! SHE IS AWESOME ! In "Awesome Bitchhhh!!! " she rap in american rnb/hip Hop production, and it's sound soo goooooood ! She's an amazing rapper ! I love her flow ! I'm definitively a fan ! She can rap on Eminem beat, Pussycat Dolls, Lil' Mama, Beyoncé, Cherish, Akon, T.I and more. I really hope she plans to release an album with her productions, because it could be a really good album. But for the moment, ENJOY "Awesome Bitchhhh!!! " =D

Artist: RIMI
Title: Infinity
Type: Album Mixtape
Release Date: 2009/02/23
Genre: Hip Hop / rap / rnb
Language: Korean
Bitrate: 320kbps
Rating: 9/10

01 - Welcome to the RIM SHOW
02 - 아침운동
03 - 홍은동
04 - 홍콩반점 feat. 감자
05 - 반반
06 - Represent OVC
07 - 좆젖까 feat. BABO, 김콤비
08 - The golden Rim feat. NODO
09 - Baby Girls feat Steady B
10 - Diva
11 - 잘봐
12 - 내맘
13 - 클래식
14 - 왜 나한테 그래요 skit feat. 미친감자
15 - 나니까
16 - 잼
17 - 카터 feat. LOBSTAR
18 - Whatever I like feat. BeenZino
19 - 벌어들여 feat. San E
20 - 다bitch!!!
21 - 힙을들어 feat. youngcook
22 - 춤추게 할게요
23 - 아기에게 feat. Warmman, B-soap
24 - 비를 맞지마 feat. 감자
25 - My trot
26 - Bye Bye OUT
27 - Awesome Girl from Vol. 1 [BONUS TRACK]
28 - Baby Girls from Vol. 1 [BONUS TRACK]
29 - Queen of Everything from Vol. 1 [BONUS TRACK]
30 - 말할 수 있는 비리 from Vol. 1 [BONUS TRACK]
31 - 예감 좋은 날 from Vol. 1 [BONUS TRACK]

credit: Emma_Ai@nautiljon + shimbi