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19 June 2009 @ 12:41 am
OMG I have to share my happyness with you guys ! I'm Going to see MEG in live at the Japan Expo (Paris) the 4th july =D
I had already plan to go at the japan expo, like every years, but I didn't know until now that MEG will perform here <3
For those who doesn't know, the Japan expo is the bigest japan exposition of europe. And every years, a thousands of people go there. Me too =) There is guests like famous mangakas (clamp is gonna be here this year !!!!!) and singers. Last year I saw SCANDAL in live=) Miyavi too was there ! Years ago it was YOSHIKI, Anna Tsuchiya, Nana Kitade and others =) This year I'm going to see: Puffy Ami Yumi, MEG, School Of Punishement , Kanon Wakeshima and AKB48 =) I'm so exciting to see MEG <3

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19 June 2009 @ 10:17 am
Voila enfin le clip ! Bon hmmm j'ai absolument rien a dire sur ce clip... rien de particulier... au bout d'1 minute c'est toujours un peut les même plans qu'ont vois...Sympatique mais vraiment pas extra ^^' Ralala dommage. ENJOY !
EDIT: HD link added =)



+ 4 JiYoon Gif here ♥Collapse )

</div>credit: Yoobin +
shimbi + Hottest Issue@4-minute.com
youtube: allkpop

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THIS IS WHAT I WANNA SEE !! This live is soooooooooo much better than the first ! Really <3 They did a good job today ! hehe no Hyuna annoying voice today <3 JiHyun and So Hyun did a good joob to =) GaYoon impress me ! She's good ! I like her =) And the best for the end  JI YOON ! Once again she did it great ! My eyes was only on her xD I love the way she move kekeke. Nice perf', let's wait for the tomorrow perf now :p ♫ nega issue issue issue issue ♫ ENOY !


credit: Machachu@nautiljon + shimbi 
youtube: CodeMonmonSeason2

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