June 24th, 2009


Hiromi - RAINBOW

Yeah le voila enfin ! Voila le 1er debut album de Hiromi, "RAINBOW". Je trouve cet album vraiment pas mal du tout ! J'ai aimé beaucoup de chansons ! Très contente de ce CD =) - Bon alors j'ai passé toute l'après midi à l'écouter, et j'écoute toujours en se moment même, et j'aime vraiment beacoup. Il a des pistes que j''aime trop déjà, genre le featuing avec L-VOKAL "I'm with you", super chanson ! Ma préféré avec "Yes". "Makin' Love" est vraiment bien aussi, j'aime beaucoup l'ambiance séxy et à la fois doux de cette chanson, elle me fais pensé a une chanson de Coco Lee, "Touch" =D Des album de J-Rnb féminin sont toujours les bienvenus surtout quand ils sont bon =D ENJOY !
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Here is the first full album of Hiromi =D I it's a good album ! I like most of the songs ! I'm really happy of this album =) I spend all my day to listen to it, and there are already songs I love like "I'm With you" in featuring with L-VOKAL.(did he release an other cd after "step up ?" ) I love this song <3<3 It's my favourite with "Yes" =) I also like a lot "Makin' Love", the song remind me one song of the chinese singer Coco Lee "Touch", I have the same sentiment when I'm listening to it =) It's a sexy song but really calm, nice song. Japanese rnb albums are always good to take, even more when they are good =D ENJOY !

Artist: Hiromi
Release Date: 2009/06/24
Genre: J-RNB
Language: japanese
Bitrate: 320kbps
Rating: 8.5/10

01 - Intro - True Colors
02 - Yes (pv)
03 - Colorful World
04 - My Everything
05 - Rainbow
06 - Dr. Angel
07 - I'm With You feat. L-VOKAL
08 - Your Song
09 - Aisaretai
10 - Vanilla
11 - Why feat. Full Of Harmony
12 - Ikari Hoshi
13 - Makin' Love
14 - Recover
15 - Secret
16 - Himitsu

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credit:jbums  & shimbi 

E.Via a.k.a happy evil (album)

Here is the first album of the ulzzang E.Via =) I was waiting for it since few weeks now. I was really curious to listen to her, even more when she's debut has a rapper ! Yes , rapper =) Behind this cute face there is a girl who's rapping malicious lyrics hehe , one music official said “She has shown really shocking capabilities. It is her charm to have such a pretty and cute image but she raps with malicious tongue.” keke. For the first two tracks there is only some blablabla, the first real song is the third track, in feauting with VASCO and 2 other guys. This is a very special song... the song make think that she's like the korean M.I.A haha She can rap really fast ! I kinda like the song.. no I really like, it's different from what we listening in the K-music Industry. Then there is a featuring with SORI... the song is good, but I prefer the "pop edition" (track 14). Hehe I like the way she said "Annyeong my name is E-vi-a" in the track 5, it's cute <3 I also like this song ^^ I love the voice of the singer ! The skips of this album are funny, hehe the guys's voices make me laugh xD It's fun =) "Hey", is the song she's gonna promot for first single, I can't wait to see the mv, and a live if she plan to do it. It's my favourite song of the album ! It's a pretty good song, and the chorus are catchy =). I already like her, her album is interesting, and she had done the lyrics, composing and rap making herself, good for a debut ^^ ENJOY !

Artist: E.Via
Title: E.Via a.k.a happy evil
Release Date: 2009/06/18
Genre: Hip Hop / pop / rap
Language: Korean
Bitrate: 320kbps
Rating: 8/10

01 - e_Station Live FM 88.7 : Intro (MC.Stacy Oh)
02 - 해도돼? (Skit)
03 - 오빠! Rap 해도돼? (Radio Edit Ver.) (Feat. VASCO, 지구인 of 방사능 )
04 - 일기장 (Motiphie Edition.) (Feat. SORI)
05 - 너무 피곤해 (Feat. UMJI )
06 - 2nd (Feat. Feat. Kjun, Steady Sketch A of Fantastik Dos)
07 - e_Station Live FM 88.7 : 언더그라운드 랩퍼 (MC.최음제)
08 - Hey! (Original Ver.) (Feat. Double Trouble- Basick & Innovator )
09 - 과연 그럴까? (Feat. UMC, Tequila Addicted)
10 - e_Station Live FM 88.7 : 그게 바로 인생의 진리지 (Skit) (MC.최음제)
11 - 손발이 오글오글
12 - 오빠! 나 해도돼? (XXX Version) (Feat. Feat.VASCO, 지구인 of 방사능)
13 - Hey! (방송심의통과를 위한 Ver.) (Feat. Double Trouble- Basick & Innovator)
14 - 일기장 (90\'s POP Edition.) (Feat. SORI)
15 - 1/10