July 5th, 2009



Yesterday I was at Paris for the Japan expo ! It was good ! But the weather was REALLY REALLY HOT !! And there were so much people, amazing !
I saw the lives of Kanon Wakeshima, MEG, Puffy AMI Yumi and AKB48 !

First, Kanon Wakeshima. She was wonderful ♥_♥ Really pretty ! She was wearing a wonderful red dress <3 She has a cute voice <3 She talks a little french. It was really cute hihi. But she sang only 2 songs: "Still Doll" and "L'espoir". Really short but great ! She also did a concert today but i'm already back in my house, I cannot stay 2 days at Paris =/

Next: MEG !! I LOVE MEG ! She can sing ! I was wondering how is her voice is without all these robotic effects, but she sings good. Cute voice too hehe. She sangs "MAGIC", "FREAK", "BEAUTIFUL" and "HEART". She also talk a little french ! It Was funny. She asked us if we love japan, pokemon, doraemon, ect.. then someone said " WE LOVE NAKATAAAA !!!" (Nakata Yasukata of capsule, her producer), she laugh and replie "  Moi aussi" lol, then "J'aime la France" hehe =D

The lives of Kanon and MEG was a during a fashion show. For "HEART", we can saw MEG sing with the Hello Kitty models :)

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After, in another stage, PUFFY AMI YUMI . The ambiance was really cool, and they were excited =) They did a good live :)

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.. There were so many girls on stage xD I don't really know them but ... it was hmm nice I guess. But they sang in playback ^^'. there were 85% of boys in the public haha Screaming the name of each member between each lines of the girls lol, so funny xD

pictures & videos come soon , maybe tomorow ^^