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OMG CRYSTAL KAY IS BACK T.T <3<3 I'm so Happy ! On July 1st it was the 10th anniversary of her singer career =D So she's back with a new single <3 This single is really good. "After Love" is a nice song. But I don't like this song that much. "Girlfriend" is really cool, Crystal & BoA = . But my favorite track is "Deaeta Kiseki". It's a beautiful song. I love everything in this song <3 Beautiful ENJOY !

Artist: Crystal Kay
Title: After Love -First Boyfriend- feat. KANAME / Girlfriend feat. BoA
Type: Single
Release Date: 2009/08/12
Genre: jpop / rnb
Language: japanese
Bitrate: 320kbps
Rating: -/10

01 After Love -First Boyfriend- feat. KANAME (of CHEMISTRY)
02 Girlfriend feat. BoA
03 Deaeta Kiseki


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credit: bestfiction  + shimbi 
Mood: sicksick