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10 July 2009 @ 01:21 am
 Here is the brand new Music Video of 2NE1 " I Don't Care". I really love the song <3 Can't stop to listen to it ♫ The MV is good ! I like it. They are cute, specially Dara <3 She's so cute ♥  Bom is really Pretty Too <3 But there is not so much plans of her >.< I make some gif icons today, take a look and tell me what you think =D ENJOY !


(HQ ♥ )
credit: hq_twentyone  +  shimbi 
youtube jaeuraznmv1



please credit shimbi  if you use some of them
if u want the 40kb ver. of these icons for LJ, ask me =)

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10 July 2009 @ 05:01 am
Brand new album of Clazziquai Project. It's a REALLY good album. I like almost all the tracks. ENJOY !

Artist: Clazziquai
Title: Mucho MUSICA
Type: Album
Release Date: 2009/07/01
Genre: electronic / electro / pop
Language: English
Bitrate: 128kbps
Rating: 8.5/10

01 - Kiss Kiss Kiss
02 - Love Again
03 - Tell Yourself -Original Mix-
04 - Spinning the World
05 - The Road 
06 - Affection
07 - Take a Walk
08 - Back In Time
09 - Chocolate Truffles
10 - The World of OZ
11 - Back To Mind
12 - Flea (mv)


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Credit: Bsidetrack + ongoingmelody +
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♫ Music: Beat In Love - Clazziquai ♫
10 July 2009 @ 07:37 pm
oh cool SONOMI est de retour <3 la chanson est sympatoch ^^ Le single devrait pas tarder a arriver. J'espère qu'un album est prévus pour bientôt ! Halala que de beau paysages 0.0 Sa me donne envie d'aller en vacance et de laisser à l'abandon ce blog pendant un petit moment :p ENJOY !

credit: shimbi + warcraft3x2003
youtube: Refinada1983

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♫ Music: Everyone Scream - BIG BANG ♫
Mr. Seo Taiji is "back" with his new album " ATOMOS", but like you can see in the tracklist.. nothing new =D It's all his released singles since his comeback in one cd ^^ But we don't care, it's Seo Taiji !! But he released a new mv "Morning Snow" few days ago =) ENJOY !

Artist: Seo Taiji
Type: Album
Release Date: 2009/07/06
Genre: rock / pop-rock
Language: Korean
Bitrate: 192kbps
Rating: 8/10

01 - Moai
02 - Human Dream (mv)
03 - T'ik T'ak (mv)
04 - Bermuda [Triangle] 
05 - Juliet (mv)
06 - Coma
07 - Replica
08 - 아침의 눈
09 - Moai (remix)
10 - T'ik T'ak (remix)
11 - Bermuda (remix)
12 - Coma (nature)


If you like what you are listening to, Please SUPPORT the artist by buying their CDs.
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Morning Snow


credit: shimbi
youtube: AznSamManMV

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♫ Music: Deaeka Kiseki - Crystal Kay ♫
Comeback stage des 2NE1 qui est vraiment très très bon ! J'adore quand CL et Dara on les cheveux détaché. Très bon live ! ENJOY !


credit: shimbi 
youtube: SmoothyEco
Mood: okayokay