July 22nd, 2009


BoA - Energetic (MV)

OH MY GOD !! This mv is reallllyyy cooool <3 BoA released hours ago the "Energetic" music video who will be her next single in america. There are some really sick dance steps, I totally love it ! BoA is gorgeous ! Her make-up, her hair, her style, everything is perfect ! I just can't stop watching this mv since the release <3 I loove the choregraphy, and the way she moves., She's such a great dancer ! Hope this single will be good in the charts ! Oh, and the song have some little changements, I like this version =D Recently some news said that she will be on Timbaland's next album. That's really good for her if she is ! And she's gonna work with Akon for the release of his japanese album ! And, for ours pleasure, she plan to release a repackage album for september !  So everything seems to be good for BoA for the moment ! I Wish her good luck =D And guys, don't forget to support BoA =D I'll be back for add a HQ link, but later, for now I can only have this quality (= Bad Quality ^^') EDIT: HD LINK ADDED ;)
Report to the dance dance dancefloor ~~ ♫




Son dam Bi & After School - Amoled (Digital Single)

I was waiting for this single like crazy ! The song was produced by the Brave brothers. It's a good pop/dance song and addictive, but it's a way too much Repetitive .. "AAAAmoleeed x1000000000". With the voice effects, I Only recognized Dambi and Becka voices >.<. But I like the song =D ! This collaboration is for a samsung Anycall CF. The MV will probably be release soon =D Unfortunately this project group will not have any broadcast activities. Son dam Bi is really busy with her drama "Dream". ENJOY !

Artist: After School & Son Dam Bi
Title: Amoled
Type: Digital Single
Release Date: 2009/07/23
Genre: kpop / dance
Language: Korean
Bitrate: 320kbps
Rating: 8/10

01 - Amoled
02 - Amoled (inst)


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