December 19th, 2009


Meisa Kuroki - Are Ya Ready ? (pv)

Meisa Kuroki est de retour plus belle que jamais avec son nouveau clip "Are Ya Ready ?". J'ai réussi a me dégoter la chanson entière il y  déjà quelques temps, et je l'écoute tout les jours, j'adore totalement <3 Dans ce clip elle est vraiment magnifique ♥_♥ Elle reviens le 1er janvier avec un nouveau mini-album nommé "ATTITUDE" sur le quel je me jèterais dès sa sortie ! ENJOY !

(full HQ/HD



I wish you all a happy Holidays ! Don't get a cold ! it's snowing here in france <3 The weather is so cold T.T

oh, and a little advert for me with this :

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thks for your comment about the new layout !

For Christmas, I decided to take your requests and post them on 26th december, like a little christmas gift hehe. If there are a lot of requests, i will only send you the link, but if it's okay I will post them all. So for your requests leave a comment here !
Actually, I was first thinking to post Daichi Miura's last concert DVD on download during 2 days...I will maybe post it too... but for the moment, requests only ;)
EDIT: Please, for your requests, i need a tiitle and/or an artist. I don't have the time to make some compilations for requests like "some rnb songs" or "songs similar to...". Sorry !
And I will probably can't post them all on the 26th >.< I'm so busy these days, and sick ! So I'll take my time to post them =)

wow, My livejournal will get soon 1 Millions visits.. that's crazy !


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