August 3rd, 2010


Daichi Miura - The Answer (pv)

OMG Daichi Miura is baaack !!! ♥ If you are reading my livejournal for a long time, you surely know how excited I am to post this ♥ I'm so busy these days so I cannot update my livejournal as often than before, but for Daichi, I easily find the time to convert the video in avi and upload it to post it here haha The power of an ultimate fan. I'm so lovin' the song ! Totally love it ! His new hair style is not too bad, I like it. As always, his dancing skills are so smooth. I Want him to perform this song on music shows T.T  The single will be released on august 18th. With this song, the single will include a remake of Michael Jackson's song "Human Nature", can't wait to hear that ! ENJOY !