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Voici tout les derniers clips de Koda Kumi ! ENJOY !



Passing By

Be My Baby

Megumi No Ito

08 March 2011 @ 01:40 am
How come I forgot to post this ♥_♥ Such a sexual sensual music video
OMG I'm so loving what I see ! Not a fan of Yamapi's voice but I love the song and once again Namie is gorgeous <3 The dance parts are great, especially the last one ! But Namie, seriously, why not Daichi Miura instead ? This would have been sooo much better ! But I guess a johnny's next to you is good for the sales. Anyway, Next pv from Namie will be "Number 1" with Kawabata Kaname of CHEMISTRY and "BLACK OUT" with VERBAL and Lil Wayne (yes...). ENJOY !