Shimbi (shimbi) wrote,

Namie Amuro - Wonder Woman feat. AI & ANNA TSUCHIYA (PV)

Finally ! Here is the PV of "Wonder Woman", the first song revealed from the upcoming "The Best collaborations" album of Namie Amuro. Namie is so gorgeous <3 I love her make-up ! Anna is making so many weird faces haha but that's Anna, and AI is AI, always cool. The PV is... hm well low cheap pv ? Anyway the song is great, and the chorus is awesome ! I hope they will be able to perform the song on stage together at least once ! I'll add the avi version later ;) See you soon with another new pv of the flawless queen, "Make it happen", featuring the korean girlband After School ! ENJOY !

Tags: -j-pv, .artist: ai, .artist: anna tsuchiya, .artist: namie amuro
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