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Big Bang - The 4th Mini Album

FINALLY HERE ! I've been waiting for a new Korean release from them since two years. During this past two years they were active mostly in Japan and in Korea only with solo promotions. G-Dragon with "Heartbreaker", TOP with his acting career and a digital single, DaeSung with tv shows, Seung Ri with.... hmmm....(...) and TaeYang with his fabulous album "SOLAR". The only korean releases as a group was digital-singles for OST like "Hallelujah" (dope song !) for the dramas IRIS, and CF songs, like "Lollipop" for LG. Their comeback album has been pushed back many times so as a gift to their fans GD&TOP released an album, and Seung Ri too. Of course when YG annouced that their comeback album will finally be a mini-album, I was quite disapointed, but they plan to release the full album later this year... but It's YG, so It can probably means late 2012 -_-. And the fact that this mini-album contain two songs from Japanese singles really pissed me off. But anyway, I am so so so so so excited to hear Big Bang again, to see them on stage together and shine like before. But I was a little afraid to hear with what kind of songs they will comeback, and of course I Do Not Want electro/dance/ultra-autotuned music, I'm sick of this and I don't want that from them. Is this album is what I was afraid of ?
The answer is NO and still yes a little... I'm a VIP (BigBang's official fanclub) but I don't mind being harsh with them and their music when I'm not satisfied, and this is not the case here !
The intro "Thank you & you" is very dope ! Stylish and very Big Bang-ish, full of coolness and great production, and I like the mysterious feel in the background of the song that come during the verse. Big Bang's intros never fail to amaze me. Yes there is little of autotune but only for a few lines and it suits the production of the song and it's used for some parts and not the whole song. I can only enjoy autotune when it's not too much and when it suit a song. But I really don't like when it's used when it is not necessary, and YG artists are doing this sometimes, that's too bad, they don't need it. But like I said it's not the case here."Hands Up" is the korean version of one of their japanese song. To be honest I think YG's decision to put these japanese track is bringing down the quality of this new mini-album. A Dance/pop song very commun. I guess it's the "party hard" song of the mini-album."Tonitght" is definitely what I expected as a tittle song, R&B/Club song. I won't complain about it because it's still a good song and quite catchy. The beginning is pretty cool ! I don't like TaeYang's parts, wich basicaly means the chorus, but the verses are awesome ! It's not that autotuned that I thought, it's a very good point. I like the song already but I'm sure the song will growing on me."Somebody To love" is the second "recycle" song but this track is way much better than "Hands Up", I didn't payed much attention to the song in the japanese release but I might like the song now . And finally here are the two last songs, definetly the two best songs of this mini-album !"What is Right" is awesome. Along with guitares notes, GD and TOP are rapping without any voice effect and a great flow. The chorus are pretty catchy, I'm already singing "what is right and what is wrong~~" without noticed it. This is the kind of song I was waiting from them, I absolutely love it !Last but not least, "CAFE". I'll be clear:  "CAFE" IS PURE AWESOMENESS AND IS NOW ONE OF MY FAVOURITE SONG OF BIG BANG. OMG this song is absolutely amazing, the drum rythmic and the instrumental of this song are very seductive. Talking about seductive...TOP, OMG TOP ! That deep low voice is making me crazy! The deep low voice of TOP with the high singing of GD match perfectly. DaeSung's verse is full of groove, so so so good. Really, this song, definitely in my top 3 of my favourites song of Big Bang. The song kinda remind me of "Babo", wich is my favourite song of Big Bang. The two tracks have many commun points.

I am satisfied with this mini-album because the intro, "What is right" and "CAFE" are amazing. The title track play perfectly the role of a title track, but somehow I wish they could have take some risks and come with something more unique. Let's keep in mind that a full album is coming later this year and there are songs that we have heard in some episodes of 2NE1 TV who sounded EPIC and those are not in this mini-album, so I really can't wait for the full album. And I'm sure they still have a lot of surprises for us.

Artist: BIG BANG
Title: The 4th Mini Album

Type: Mini-Album
Release Date: 2011/02/24
Genre: Kpop / R&B / dance / rap
Language: Korean
Bitrate: 320kbps
Rating: 7/10

01 - Intro (Thank You & You)
02 - Hands Up
03 - Tonight
04 - Somebody To Love
05 - What is Right
06 - Cafe
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